"The Sydney Femdom Club is an exclusive sanctuary for genuine slaves to serve, worship, entertain, tribute and be trained by their elite Asian Mistresses."

Mistress Daji

Who are we?

The Sydney Femdom Club was founded in 2019 by Mistress Daji and Master Li to provide a sanctuary for Sydney based Mistresses to be selected for their genuine dominant character and then trained to an elite international standard.

Genuine slaves are recruited to serve, worship, tribute and be trained by these Mistresses.

We welcome slaves of all backgrounds provided they meet our criteria to serve and are honest and respectful of our Club, Mistresses and rules.

The Club has locations in the Sydney City area. Our addresses are only given out on confirmation of your session with one of our Mistresses.

Safety and Consent

The Sydney Femdom Club holds an unwavering belief that a good session between a Mistress and slave must be based on communication, awareness and consent. You can rest assured that all our Mistresses are trained to pay attention to health and safety.

We do not provide training sessions of an extremely dangerous nature, but certain activities that slaves request for may contain risks that cannot be mitigated and they will be required to confirm whether they consent to proceed with the activity.