Mistress Daji

Age: 29
Height: 170cm
Weight: 52kg
Shoe size: AU 6
Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese

Mistress Daji is a born goddess who loves to be served and pampered. She demands high quality foot worship and knows how to dominate a slave with Her divine feet. Total submission is expected and Mistress Daji knows how to get it – slaves will be restrained and leashed at all times – especially where they are most vulnerable. Slaves are to endure, suffer and be humiliated for Her pleasure.

Mistress Daji requires strict obedience from her slaves. Common violations include: speaking before being spoken to; loquaciousness; lack of attention to detail; impunctuality; disrespect of the Mistress-slave relationship. Violators will be punished severely. Masochists be warned not to bait punishment otherwise you will be banned from the Club.

Mistress Daji is a kind person and believes that a genuine, loyal slave’s secret fantasies deserve to be fulfilled. However, if kindness is perceived as weakness then kindness is not what you will remember her for.