Mistress MoXi

Age: 25
Height: 167cm
Weight: 45kg
Shoe size: AU 7

Mistress MoXi is genuine sadist with an incredible pair of longs legs that lead to heaven and a slender athletic frame.

From a young age, she discovered that she loves to hit, whip and beat boys and bite them. Nowadays, in womanhood that passion has been transferred to BDSM. While she will always respect your limits and boundaries – if you ask to her to bite you – you will be in a world of pain and – you have been warned! She will bite where it hurts!

If you have been a bad boy, she will give you a mean whipping with no mercy. CBT and ball-busting is her specialty – do not underestimate the power she can generate with her kick.

Wickedly sadistic, Mistress MoXi can be cruel and unyielding but also shows mercy with her kindness and playful nature.