"Welcome All ~

to a sneak peek of our world –  the Sydney Femdom Club based in Sydney City, Australia.

If you are lucky enough to join us then you will find a world where slaves serve and worship their elite Mistresses and Goddesses. 

In return for their humble and faithful service, we will ensure that our slaves are well-trained, their secret fantasies come true,  and that the difference between pleasure and pain, humiliation and happiness is but a blur…”

Mistress Daji

Sydney femdom club

The Sydney Femdom Club was founded in 2019 by Mistress Daji and friends who were dissatisfied with the quality, skill and sincerity of both dominants and submissives in the Sydney BDSM community.

As a result, the Club was founded to provide a sanctuary for elite Mistresses and Goddesses to practise their art to their full potential. Our Mistresses and Goddesses are selected for their genuine dominant character and are then trained to an exquisite standard.

The Club currently has a discreet, convenient luxurious clubhouse in the Sydney City area – close to a major train station and has many parking options. Our address will only be given out upon confirmation of your session with us.

How to be our slave

Read this website very carefully. If you meet the criteria to serve our Mistresses, then complete the Apply to Serve form. Ensure that:

  • your contact details provided are accurate
  • you are generous with your availabilities, to maximise our ability to schedule a session with your desired Mistress
  • you complete the form seriously as your Mistress will design your session based on it

We will contact you after receiving your completed form to schedule a session.