Mistress MoXi

Mistress MoXi

Age: 24
Height: 165cm
Weight: 53kg
Shoe size: AU 6
Languages: English, Mandarin Chinese

Have you ever wondered why you are a little submissive bitch yearning for a powerful Alpha Female to enslave, dominate and humiliate you? Yet all the women in your life cannot understand nor are they interested. If it takes two to tango, then why did God create you that way?

Fear not my little bitch… because God also created Mistress MoXi. She is a born sadist who discovered from the moment she was conscious that she had a predilection to beat and bully boys. Now in womanhood, that passion has been channelled to Femdom BDSM. Her desire to dominate and control men has no boundaries – she will own your mind, body and soul.

Do not let her classic East Asian porcelain beauty and demure Geisha-like demeanour fool you. Hiding behind her long flowing black hair and polite smile – is a ruthless savage. She enjoys enslaving men with bondage and chains, making men her plaything, her pet dog and riding men like a pony. Before she is done with you – you will not have a chance to escape. Nothing makes her more excited than giving naughty boys a vicious whipping and some wicked CBT.

If you are an obedient good boy, she may reward you with some foot and body worship and maybe even more. She may even give you permission to release, but if you think that is a reward, then think again. Nothing fascinates her more than the transcendental distress of men wincing during post-orgasm torture.

If you are lucky enough to serve Mistress MoXi, you will feel a potent cocktail of helplessness, humiliation, masochism and arousal. You will find yourself addicted and remembering how you had no choice but to drop to your knees.